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Experienced & Trained Professionals * Licensed * Bonded * Insured
Prompt * Reliable * Trustworthy *

Our  Weekly Full Service Includes:
  • Skimming water surface to remove floating matter
  • Cleaning all pump basket(s) for pool and/or spa
  • Brushing pool and/or spa walls, floor and steps*
  • Cleaning all skimmer baskets for pool and/or spa
  • Treating water with the necessary chemicals
  • Vacuuming dirt and leaves in pool*
  • Brushing tile inside pool and/or spa
  • Maintaining proper pool chemistry
  • Inspecting pool equipment

* As needed

With Weekly Full Service, you, the customer, doesn’t have to lift a finger. Outside of our Weekly Full Service plan it will require that you, the customer, also contribute to the maintenance of your pool.