Rich Lynch owned and operated Lynch & Sons Automotive in Santa Rosa, CA for more than 20 years. After moving to Sacramento in 2004, he continued with his extensive repair knowledge and unparalleled customer service – this time in the pool service industry.
It wasn’t long after they moved that their son, Mike, now an overzealous entrepreneur, thought that it was time to start another business up, but this time with his dad. After looking at a number of different business opportunities, he landed on buying a small pool service route.

While Mike still runs his own business, he counts the pool venture with his dad as the purest of them all, “We have a lot of competition in the greater Sacramento region. And right now there are not a lot of barriers to entry. Any guy with a truck and $30 worth of chemicals can start the business. But to be a real company you need to learn your craft and take your business to the next level. In this type of a business it comes down to you and how well you service your client. It is as pure as you can get in business. Your capabilities, your personality, your ability to follow-up and do what you say is the difference between gaining customers and regularly losing them. It is the difference between you and your competition.”

Family involvement doesn’t stop there. Running a business takes a team of talented people. Rich’s wife, Judi, manages the operations side of the business including payroll, billing, accounts receivable and human resources.

Rich’s daughter-in-law (Mike’s wife), assists with marketing the business.

Our customers say it all!

Our pool has never looked so good – best it’s looked in 28 years! Thanks for the excellent servi
Have been a customer for many years now and never had an issue. Service has always been exceptional
Timely, friendly, on top of all my problems and you take care of them. You’re the best pool person
We have been using this pool service for a year now and just renewed. We are very happy with the ser
I’ve had Lynch and Sons take care of my pool ever since we had it installed 5 years ago. They have
This pool service is great. The billing is an auto pay and I receive an itemized statement. Rich com