Energy Solutions

Frequently, there are easy ways to save money…you just need to be informed on how !

Lynch & Sons Pool Service offers a FREE Energy Audit. During the Audit, our technician will review your swimming pool circulation system and equipment (including, pump(s), filter, heater, sanitation, pool sweep). He will also take readings for the vacuum, pressure and flow meter. Based on the information collected during the audit, the technician will make recommendations for what you can do to become more energy efficient and cut down on your monthly energy costs. Click here to schedule a Free Energy Audit.

If you like reading the details, we have provided information below on the companies/agencies that offer rebates, etc. Don’t get discouraged by all the details though.Schedule a FREE Energy Audit and we will review all of your equipment, do the calculations for you and tell you about what rebates/financing options are available in your area.

Lynch & Sons Pool Service is a Trained and Certified Ygrene Professional. Ygrene Energy Fund is the leading developer and administrator of Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing programs in the US. PACE is an innovative structure enabling business and residential property owners to finance energy savings improvements. Contact Lynch & Sons Pool Service to learn more about Ygrene and how you can upgrade your home by making it energy efficient with no out-of-pocket costs.

Hayward Energy Solutions offers an easy-to-use Energy Solutions Calculator that computes your estimated savings by switching to the EcoStar family of variable speed pumps. Additionally, the Energy Solutions Calculator can show you how much MORE you can save by switching to a Hayward energy efficient filter, cleaner, heat or heat pump, control or lighting product.

Power Company Rebates Many power companies offer rebates to customers who purchase energy efficient pool equipment such as the EcoStar™ line of variable speed pumps. If you purchase one of Hayward’s energy efficient pumps you may be eligible for one of these rebates. Check with your local power company, or see if they are listed below, for more information. Utility rebates are subject to change without notice.

  • In our area, Roseville Electric offers rebates. For more information visit the City of Roseville website.
  • PG & E provides information on reducing energy costs by purchasing a variable speed pool filtration pump. Qualifying products and rebate application forms can be found on or in the Appliance Efficiency Database on the CEC’s website at

Energy Solutions

Swimming pools can account for up to 20 percent of the energy a residence consumes. Single and multifamily residential customers who replace older, inefficient pool pumps with qualifying energy-efficient products can achieve significant savings on operating costs and are eligible for a $100 rebate from PG & E. Upgrading to variable-speed pumps that can be adjusted to the most appropriate speed can save you money and energy and help to protect the environment.

To apply online visit the website and use Rebate Code: P107. The rebate is $100 per qualifying unit.

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