20 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Pool Service

1. How long have you been providing pool service?
2. What does you service include?
3. How often will you service our pool?
4. Do you service pools on a regular schedule (i.e. do you show up for each scheduled visit)?
5. What does your service include?
6. What brands/types of chemicals do you use?
7. How do you keep yourself up-to-date in the pool industry?
8. How is our pool service covered when you are sick or on vacation?
9. Can you provide at least 3 references on your service quality?
10.What certifications do you have?
11. Are you a member in any pool service organizations?
12. Do you have a cell that I can reach you in case I need to talk to you right away?
13. Is the cost of chemicals included in our monthly fee?
14. Do you have a business license?
15. Do you have a state contractor’s license?
16. Do you have liability insurance?
17. Do you have worker’s compensation insurance?
18. Do you provide repair and/or installation services?
19. If we have a swimming pool emergency, are you on call?
20. Do you offer a contract that provides detail on what is included in our pool service?

Check the local Better Business Bureau. The BBB is a consumer advocacy organization that provides unsatisfied customers with a way to make their complaints known. Every time someone complains to the BBB about a contractor, the BBB investigates the claim. If a contractor gets a bad review from the BBB, it’s a good bet that contractor shouldn’t be working no your pool.

Use online tools. The Better Business Bureau isn’t the only option when it comes to finding information on contractors. Websites like Angie’s List, a members-only review site, and Ripoff Report, a site that records bad customer experiences, are good places to start. Other sites like Yelp and Citysearch might also have reviews of the contractors on your list.

Ask for references. Good contractors will ask for written references from satisfied customers, or ask if future potential customers can contact them. If a contractor doesn’t have any references, it means one of two things: Either he doesn’t have any customers who’ve been satisfied enough to provide any, or he doesn’t care too much about customer service. Either way, you can do better.

Pretend you’re a cop: Ask for proof of insurance. Anyone who’s doing any work around your home should have comprehensive liability insurance in case he’s injured on the job or accidentally damages your home. Make sure your contractor is insured, so you don’t wind up getting stuck with the bill if something unpleasant should happen.

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